Addictions Counseling

"You're not stuck.

You're just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they have helped you in the past."

-Emily Maroutian

Our Center focuses on the root cause of addiction. Treating the symptom, e.g., drinking, without healing what is driving the drinking will make abstinence nearly impossible. Though we do recommend attending 12 step meetings for support, we help clients uncover and address their underlying motivation for usage. What we believe is that this approach increases a client's chances to remain abstinent as they learn new ways to cope with life. Whether due to soul loss; issues with control; fears around vulnerability; imbalances in their masculine and feminine essences; Qi imbalances; past life issues; or traumatic experiences to name a few, our Center is equipped to help our clients address and heal these problems.

​Please call 219-595-5944 or contact us so that we may assess what may be fueling your addictive behaviors.