Psychodrama & Experiential Workshops

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it."

-Carl G. Jung

Experiential therapy is a blending of various therapies like Gestalt and family therapy, and active models like psychodrama and role plays. The goal is to enact or reenact the emotional climate of our family of origin and/or other significant relationships. In re-experiencing these events and relationships, one is able to release the emotions which may have been blocked or repressed. This allows the person to be liberated from the unresolved emotional patterns in their relationship dynamics, so that they are free to live in the "present moment".

​By re-experiencing the emotional climates of our families, repressed anger, shame, guilt, fear, etc., can be safely expressed, released, and healed, making room for feelings of love, hope and forgiveness. The dynamics of the group setting helps to get beneath our denial as participants respond emotionally to the work of another group member. It is difficult for cognitive blocking to occur when emotional healing is occurring. Experiential therapy is a very effective and useful modality for healing old wounds and to create healthier patterns of behaviors.