Shamanic Training Program

"The practice of shamanic journeying helps us to part the veils between the seen and unseen worlds and access information and energies that can help awaken us and restore us to wholeness."

-Sandra Ingerman

This eight-month training program will be taught by Tom Dworniczek, LCSW. He has been using this modality since 1997 to enable his clients to regain wholeness, stability and confidence. He has done most of his training at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Mill Valley, California.

Participants will learn how to become competent in their journeying which is crucial for this training. Once competency is acquired they will be taught how to do Soul Retrievals, Divination Journeys and Shamanic Counseling, Extraction Work, Depossessions, Shapeshifting, and Transmutation and Transfiguration for healing self and others. Students will work with other students in class, and will be asked to use these techniques with either clients or friends to build their confidence.

The classes will be held at A Center for Transformative Growth in Highland, Indiana. Tuition is $750 and can be paid all at once or divided into 6 payments. Feel free to contact Tom if you have questions!