Shamanism Seminar

"The practice of shamanic journeying helps us to part the veils between the seen and unseen worlds and access information and energies that can help awaken us and restore us to wholeness."

-Sandra Ingerman

This seminar will introduce the participants to one of the oldest spiritual practices known to us. After a short lecture about its history and the many ways to heal with this practice, everyone will learn to do shamanic "journeying" to both the "upper world" and "lower world". Each spiritual domain has a different essence to it and is used for different types of healing or for guidance. Sandra Ingerman states that journeying opens us to "direct revelation from the spiritual realms". We will also demonstrate a soul retrieval and extraction work, which are two ways to heal with this practice. Lastly, we will teach people how to look through someone else's eyes via merging with them.

This class is a prerequisite for the 8-month Shamanic Training Program.